This scent takes you away to the tropics with the sweetness of neroli flower. Neroli & Shea fragrance is a refreshing and soft blend that combines the warmth and soothing element of shea with fresh and slightly sweet neroli. One of our more complex scents, Shea & Neroli combines the best off many fragrance is fresh, floral, warm, sensual, and delicate all at the same time.


Weight: 4.5 oz - 5.0 oz / 125g – 142g


Proud to say our bar soap has:


• No Parabens

• No Sulfates

• No Phthalates

• Is Cruelty Free

• Vegan

• Gluten Free


We strive to bring you a product that is free of harmful additives which is why our soaps are always made with phthalate free fragrance oils.

Neroli & Shea

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